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LP Gas System
VDC Marine Gas Control

Turns LP Gas ON or OFF
from inside Galley and continuously monitors space(s) for presence of LP Gas.
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TRIDENT MARINE L.P.- (Liquefied Petroleum)
GAS SYSTEMS are For Marine Use” with only the highest quality components. Each meets or exceeds the relevant standards of ABYC, NFPA, DOT and/or UL & CGA; and each is carefully packaged each is carefully packaged about the system, the components, safety precautions and excerpts from the ABYC Marine L.P. Gas System Standard.
    L.P. Gas is the most efficient and fastest growing fuel for marine appliances because it is inexpensive, long lasting, universally available, clean, quiet, and relatively simple to operate. It is also a safe system if the proper components are correctly installed and maintained; if the system is used correctly, and if proper safety precautions are followed.



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