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This page displays our LP hose & fittings. LP Gas for marine appliances is inexpensive, long lasting, universally available, clean, quiet, and relatively simple to operate.

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Assembly Option Diagrams:
Basic Single Cylinder Options
Basic Dual Cylinder Options

#7 in diagrams

Use to connect wallmount regulators to cylinders with New Type 1 valves (outside R.H. Threads). Fully assembled, leak tested and UL Listed. 20" high pressure hose with 1/4" male inverted flare fitting X thermoplastic QCC Nut for quick and easy hand tight connection. Allows no gas flow unless fully connected. Nut has heat sensing feature that shuts off all gas flow if temperatures reach 240° to 300° F. A controlled flow device will activate in case of a down-stream gas system break (at 200 Cu Ft/Hr.) and restrict gas flow (to 10 CFH at 100 PSI).

#8 in diagrams

Use to connect wallmount regulators to LPG cylinders (inside valve - left hand thread). Fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass: male POL cylinder fitting, 1/4" male inverted flare, and high pressure, thermoplastic LPG hose, UL Listedassembly. 20" Standard Length.

#9 in diagrams

Use to connect LPG cylinder to tank mount style regulator (item 1 #1200-1411) when it is remote wall mounted. Fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass male POL cylinder fitting x Female POL receptacle, and 1/4"ID UL Listed, high pressure, thermoplastic LPG Hose.

#10 in diagrams

We prefer hose to copper supply line tubing because it won't corrode or develop stress/fatigue cracks and it is much easier to install. This UL listed hose is fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass fittings (3/8" female swivel flare each end), and high pressure, thermoplastic, LPG hose. Assemblies are UL Listed. Standard Lengths: 5', 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 35', 40'. Other lengths and rubber construction are available on quantity special order.

#11 in diagrams

This UL Listed 2 foot hose is used to connect gimbaled stove when copper supply line tubing is used. Fully assembled and leak tested with solid brass 1" female swivel flare fittings each end, and high pressure, rubber LPG hose. Assembly is UL Listed.

This picture shows a partial assortment of brass & other parts available from us to assemble LPG systems to meet your needs. A Marine LPG System usually uses 1/4" & 3/8" male & female, national pipe thread and 45 degree SAE flare connections. Additionally, it uses special cylinder fitting and 1/4" inverted flares(male & female). Only national pipe threads (NPT) require the use of Teflon tape or thread sealant on the threads. See price list for specific parts & sizes.

#12 in diagrams

Meets ABYC Standard for non-abrasive and vaportight (non pressurized) seal of continuous length of LPG supply line passing "Straight-Thru" watertight bulkheads and decks from inside cylinder locker to each appliance. #1438-8439 slides over and seals around our LPG hose assemblies (except #40407 & 42421) through bulkhead or decks up to 1/2" thick. #1438-8876 fits over andseals around 1/4" to 3/8" LPG copper tubing (before flare nuts attached) through bulkheads and decks up to 3/8" thick. 3 piece nylon construction with lock nut & BUNA-N sealing gland resists salt water, fuels, weak acids and common solvents. Properly installed it will withstand up to 70 PSI water pressure and working temperatures -22 to 212 degrees F Other sizes on special order. Cut 1.35" hole to install (1438-8439)

#14 in diagrams

Saves the day or night when your LPG refillable cylinder runs out of fuel. Simply connect the POLfitting of your regulator or pigtail to female POL adapter fitting. Then connect a disposable (camping) bottle to the female 1? 20 adapter fitting. Solid Brass.


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